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There are two main methods of window cleaning.  Traditional and Water Fed Pole.  At Penguin Window Cleaning we utilize both with no difference in cost to the customer.  Below we will explain the two different methods of window cleaning.


Traditional Window Cleaning:

Traditional Window Cleaning involves the use of ladders, buckets of water, strip washers, and squeegees.  Most skilled window cleaners start out cleaning windows traditionally.  However traditional window cleaning can come with some safety risks to the window cleaner.  Such as working at heights, strains from carrying heavy equipment, and in rare instances damage to property from mishandling or failure of equipment.  Traditional Window Cleaning is a great way to learn the business but it is not the safest or most efficient way to clean windows anymore.  However, there are instances where Traditional Window Cleaning is safer and more efficient than Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning which we will touch on below.


Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning:

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning is in most instances the safest and most efficient way to clean windows.  It involves the use of a 3 or 4 stage purification system or simply a DI Tank to bring regular tap water to zero Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) which is 99.99% pure water that after washing and air-drying leaves windows perfectly clean! The only difference in the three systems is how efficient they operate.  At Penguin Window Cleaning we use a Pure Water Power 4 stage system which is by far the best on the market.  We also try to use our water fed pole system over traditional window cleaning whenever possible simply because it’s safer.  How? When using a water fed pole system our window cleaners can clean windows upwards of 70′ safely from the ground instead of using long extension ladders or lifts.  However, there are some instances where it is simply impossible and more dangerous to use a water fed pole system, such as areas with overhead power lines nearby.  Another example would be is the use of a water fed pole system in doors, the only option for interior window cleaning is traditional window cleaning.

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