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What’s better than peering through sparkling clean windows as you watch your children play, or admire the outdoor beauty that Minnesota’s 4 seasons have to offer? Well, not much. But…

Here is one more thing we can take off your household “to-do list” so you have more time to enjoy whatever it is you love doing. Penguin is pleased to announce that we now offer gutter cleaning services across the entire Twin Cities. 

Professional Gutter Cleaning ServiceExpert Home Gutter Cleaning

Every homeowner knows that clean gutters are important for a variety of reasons. Not everyone wants to brave a ladder (and say a quiet prayer) while pushing the arm stretch limits to scoop out gutters. Trying to reach debris while maintaining balance and safety high above your yard is not for everyone. And for good reason!

There are some tasks better left to gutter experts who are trained, insured, and happy to do this for you. Our gutter cleaning team has a quality process that ensures satisfaction, and it looks like this.

Here is our gutter cleaning process in the Twin Cities.

  1. Gutter Visual Inspection (and roof) 

Clogged gutters are of course on our inspection list, but we also visually inspect your nearby roof shingles. It makes no sense to clear gutters if additional debris, such as leaves and sticks, are still present just a few feet away. Our experienced and insured gutter team will remove all of this stuff so it doesn’t fill up the gutters a few days after we leave. 

  1. Clear Debris From Every Gutter

Some gutter cleaning services are in too big of a hurry. They may simply use air or water to push debris from one end of the gutter to the downspout, and not visually ensure that all debris is gone. Not us! We use extension ladders to hand-scoop all the debris out of the gutter system. 

  1. Downspouts and Details

Our staff even checks and clears minor downspout clogs near the gutter entrances at no additional charge. If you like, we will even rinse the gutters with water to ensure no debris is left behind and flowing smoothly for a small additional charge. 

Just know that gutter cleaning doesn’t involve accessing built-up debris in the downspouts themselves, disassembling sections, or gutter repair. However, if this is needed we are happy to discuss it for an additional charge. 

Call a Professional Gutter Cleaning Company in the Twin Cities


We offer gutter cleaning around the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, and clean both residential and commercial gutters. You’ll see our trucks frequenting the residential streets of Plymouth, Edina, Minnetonka, Medina, Elk River, Rogers, and more. 

When should you clean your gutters? We recommend gutter service in the Spring and Fall, but also whenever you become aware of a problem that might make gutter cleaning necessary regardless of the season.

Reach out to book a free inspection by our friendly gutter cleaning experts today. Our trained staff will be happy to provide a gutter cleaning cost estimate for your home and answer any questions you have. 

Call today to schedule a free estimate!

Why Are Clean Gutters Important?Clean Gutters

It’s common sense that clean gutters are important, as they were designed to allow water to flow freely. However, here are some details on why clean rain gutters matter that you might not have considered.

A Clean Gutter Prevents Water Damage:

An overflowing gutter or a clogged downspout can push water up and over the side of the gutter channel and down the side of your house. It can enter your home through cracks & crevices in your siding that can lead to interior water damage.

A gutter that doesn’t flow may also push water up and over the facia or drip edge behind the gutter and into the roofing structure beneath shingles. 

Clogged gutters may not seem urgent, however, neglecting them can lead to extensive water damage over time.

Gutter Maintenance Avoids Ice Dams:

Clogged gutters can also lead to another serious problem known as Ice Dams. The U of M has a great article on this, but in short, melting snow from the roof can refreeze and create a barrier to water trying to escape. 

This forces melting water behind the dam to find a new exit. This often means penetrating roof shingles, ceilings, walls, and insulation. Mold and mildew can also develop in addition to the water damage itself. These unnecessary repairs are easily avoided with regular gutter cleaning. 

Overflowing Gutters and Foundation Problems:

Clogged gutters can also lead to foundation problems as water runs over the edges of the gutters to pool near the foundation of the house.

Excess water can cause erosion that can lead to shifting and eventual cracking of the actual concrete foundation. It’s very important for the gutter system to be clear and flowing properly to make sure all rain and melting snow run away from the foundation of your house to avoid serious damage to the foundation over time.

Wet Basements:

Gutter cleaners know another secret, and it’s this. Cleaning your gutters can also help you avoid basement flooding. The excess water pooling described above can also find its way to your basement walls, and this can result in your basement getting wet.

Extending the Life of the Gutter System: 

Gutters weren’t designed to hold excess weight for extended periods of time. When debris and water are trapped in your gutters, it can cause them to be damaged and eventually sag or break. 

Furthermore, the water can also freeze and expand in the winter, causing cracks in the gutter system itself. 

Improving Curb Appeal: Clogged gutters can lead to stains on the siding as water from deteriorating leaves and other “stuff” drips over the edges as water can’t escape through the downspout. 

It can also become an eyesore, as small plants and trees can eventually begin to grow in the gutter channel itself. Your gutters were not designed to assist your landscaping efforts. 

Schedule Professional Gutter Service Today:

Get in touch to schedule a free inspection by our friendly Twin Cities gutter cleaning company today. Our staff will ask you a few questions and perform a visual inspection to determine your gutter cleaning cost. We will remove all gutter debris, and make sure your house and windows stay clean in the process.

Gutter Cleaning FAQ’s

We have seen it all! We commonly remove leaves and pine needles but also find things that you thought were lost. These include items like tennis balls, baseballs, and even toy Nerf darts.

We also find animals such as birds that met their demise at an upstairs window and came to rest in your gutter.

As for the gutter “sludge,” we clean out shingle sand, mud & dirt, as well as nails and other construction materials.

It’s difficult to quote a gutter cleaning price without seeing the house or having other details. However, as a general rule, you can expect gutter cleaning prices to cost around $200-$350 for a 2000-3500 sq foot home in the Twin Cities. The price of your project will depend, so please call us for a free gutter cleaning estimate. (This is not an official quote.)

Spring is the best time to clear gutters of all debris to make sure the system is working properly for rain throughout the warmer months.

Fall is the best time to clear gutters from falling leaves to make sure the system is not clogged before the snow falls. This will help you avoid ice dams and costly damage that can develop during snow melt.

Gutter cleaning is worth it for a variety of reasons. Clean gutters will help you avoid unnecessary water damage, foundation problems, wet basements, ice dams, and stains on your siding.

It depends on the environment the house is in, such as how many trees are present. But your gutters should be cleaned at least once per year. Twice a year is recommended in Minnesota due to the heavy rain in the Summer and snowfall in the Winter.

We do not install Gutter Guards or gutter screens at this time, but we do clean gutters with gutter guards for a small upcharge.

Pressure washing the gutters isn’t something we do, and we don’t recommend using a leaf blower either. While you can blast out debris, you are also creating a mess. Make sure you don’t have this done by someone right after your windows were cleaned!

Some companies powerwash the visible side of the gutters. Any debris that gets stuck to the outside of the gutters will be rinsed or wiped off by us during cleaning, but not with a power washer.

Ready for Gutter Cleaning?

Get in touch with the staff at Penguin today for a free on-site estimate from one of our friendly gutter experts.

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