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Every day, homeowners come face to face with one of the toughest household chores to complete on their own – window cleaning. Dirty windows can make a home look worn out. Luckily, window cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. You can hire Penguin Window Cleaning, a professional window cleaning company serving Medina to do all the window cleaning for you!

We use the latest technology in water-fed pole systems as well as the proven traditional squeegee method, and various other techniques depending on the type of windows you have. 

It’s time to stop dreading your next window cleaning project and leave the hard work to the professionals! Our team is prepared to give you the highest quality window cleaning service in Medina, MN!

Penguin Window Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for all of your window cleaning needs. We use the proper window washing supplies specific to your home or office and proven solutions to remove streaks and grime.

With Penguin, you can enjoy looking out of your clean window and be glad you booked a Medina window cleaning service you can trust. Get the best results possible with the customer service you deserve.

Residential Window Washing Services for all Seasons in Medina, MN!

We all know what it’s like to come across a dirty window. As a homeowner, having to do daily household chores is a responsibility, and you don’t want to compromise your home’s beauty during the harsh Minnesota winters or in the heat of the summer.

Successful residential window cleaning is dependent on several factors; the window, the effectiveness of the cleaners, and the expertise of the window washing company. That’s why a residential window cleaning service in Medina, MN is important to consider!

Penguin Window Cleaning provides residential and commercial clients with quality window washing services at a competitive price in Medina, MN. Our residential cleanings run from March through December and we can complete commercial window cleanings year-round.  All you have to do is put your trust in our professional team members to do an excellent job!

You’ll know upfront what we will do to get the job done – no surprises. Our techniques are safe for all types of windows, so you need not be concerned…ever.

We provide the whole package for your Medina window cleaning services. You won’t find a better pre or post-season window cleaning service anywhere in the area. Not only is our window washing service safe, but it’s also cost-effective.

Our window cleaners will make sure to leave your windows sparkling clean every time. Schedule your window cleaning with us today!

Get your Medina Windows Cleaned at a Competitive Price

Window cleaning isn’t always fun for homeowners. The reason homeowners hate the thought of cleaning, is hard to reach windows which can also be dangerous.  Window cleaning is better done by a professional window cleaning service that knows all the best practices to complete an exterior cleaning, and other window washing services in a safe and effective way.

At Penguin Window Cleaning, we provide our customers with quality results, excellent communication, at reasonable prices. We are the best value window cleaning service in Medina, MN. We are aware that each window cleaning job is different. We keep our prices competitive, and always make sure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Whether you require residential or commercial window cleaning, Penguin Window Cleaning makes finding the right solution for your needs simple and easy. Our staff is always equipped with top of the line tools and equipment to ensure that your windows look their best.

Commercial Window Cleaning Service in Medina, MN

We know how important it is for a business owner to have clean windows as well, which is why our Medina window cleaning team always makes sure you get the best quality commercial service you deserve. We designed our commercial building cleaning service to cater to your needs at an affordable price.

If you are looking for the best commercial window cleaners in Medina, MN, you should consider Penguin Window Cleaning. Our mission is to maintain long-term relationships with our customers and always aim to do a fantastic job at cleaning their windows.

You can trust that you are dealing with a team of detail-minded professionals who will leave your windows spotless with our window washing services.

We offer services of all kinds, including residential and commercial window cleaning, hard water stain removal, screen repair, and other valuable services. You can trust Penguin’s window cleaning experts to deliver excellence every time!

Outstanding business ethics and passion with a high level of customer service set us apart from other companies, and we always make sure to get the job done right!

Book your window cleaning service in Medina today! At Penguin Window Cleaning, it’s always – satisfaction guaranteed!

Why Choose Penguin Window Cleaning?

While injuries and accidents rarely happen, a window cleaning company that is insured will ensure your assets are protected if something unforeseen happens.

Not only should your window cleaning company bring extensive experience to your job, so should each professional on the team. Penguin Window Cleaning ensures our employees are well trained and experienced. We invite you to view comments from our happy customers. 

Penguin Window Cleaning offers premier service at competitive rates. Contact us today for a free estimate for window cleaning residential homes. You’ll quickly see why we’re the best!


Having your windows professionally cleaned adds beauty, helps keep you safe, and provides an important layer of maintenance and care to your home. Most homeowners don’t have the proper equipment or skills needed. That brings the risk of injury or damage to do-it-yourself window cleaning projects.


Don’t risk it. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us tackle the chore you’ve put off for far too long. Penguin Window Cleaning offers quality residential and commercial window cleaning services and we can help you today! 

We'll Make Your Windows Shine in Medina!

Let Penguin Window Cleaning enhance your view at home or work with a professional window cleaning. Whether you live in a single story rambler or work in a multi level office building, Penguin Window Cleaning has a solution that’s right for you!

Residential Window Cleaning

We provide the best window cleaning service in the western suburbs of Minneapolis with excellent customer service that caters to your individual needs.

Residential Screen Cleaning

Your window screens are constantly pelted with severe weather conditions, wind, dust particles, and pollen. It’s important to add screen cleaning to your annual maintenance routine.

Residential Screen Repair

When a window screen is punctured or torn, it’s as if you’re welcoming pests inside your home.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Hiring professional commercial window washing services from Penguin Window Cleaning will bring superior results in just a few hours. Let us give your storefront or commercial building a clean facelift.

Gutter Cleaning

Our Twin Cities gutter cleaning experts will leave your house looking better than ever!