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Dirty Windows? Enjoy a Clear View with our Window Cleaning Service in Plymouth, MN

Having clean windows is a vital part of maintaining the functionality and curb appeal of your home. With the help of a professional window cleaner in Plymouth, your windows will stay shiny and bright! This goes for both residential window cleaning as well as commercial. A window washer brings the right equipment and experience to the job, going way beyond a pressure washer that leaves spots and streaks.

Is DIY always best? Not with exterior windows and heights. Sure, you can clean your windows yourself when they need cleaning. Pressure washing has become “a thing,” but that’s better suited for decks and siding; not windows. The truth is this. Without the proper equipment and techniques, most Plymouth homeowners are unlikely to actually remove all the dirt, grime, spots, and streaks effectively. This is especially true for second-story windows which are not always safe to clean.

Many Plymouth homes have windows in hard-to-reach places. This makes it difficult to be both effective and safe while on a ladder. With a professional window cleaning company in Plymouth (like Penguin!), you can trust our quality process for an excellent job of cleaning every window. We get it done at a reasonable cost and without the risk of injury to you or your family! We can also help with cleaning gutters.

Call Penguin for Clean Windows & Gutters in Plymouth

The team at Penguin is ready to tackle your residential window cleaning in Plymouth, MN. We also handle commercial cleaning for local businesses as well. Our team of trained and insured window washers works hard to get the job done right, no matter how many windows your home might have. Get a free quote for a great job that is guaranteed to shine, and skip the “haze” from detergents or hard water spots that other “rushed” jobs often leave behind.

Our Plymouth window cleaning services help provide you with a better quality of life and a clear sparkling view of the beautiful Minnesota outdoors. Not only will you personally enjoy looking out clean windows that are free of smudges, water spots, and dirt, but guests will also notice and appreciate your professional window cleaning results as well.

Our window washing services have been in business for several years now, and we are fully insured. We have cleaned countless Plymouth windows, and pride ourselves on delivering every job with extraordinary customer service.

Residential Window Washing Service for all Seasons in Plymouth, MN

We Minnesotans love having 4 seasons, but the weather changes mean you have to plan ahead when it comes to windows and gutter cleaning. There is always a long “to-do” list when it comes to home tasks, but make sure you don’t forget that window cleaning is an essential part of that list. We can get you on a regular Spring and Fall schedule to ensure clean windows year-round.

Our crew is rated one of the best window cleaning companies in Plymouth. It’s our specialty, as we don’t do house cleaning, carpet cleaning, or lawn care…just windows and gutters! You can trust our team to eliminate all the dirt building up on your windows and leave them streak-free.

There is no easier way to keep your home or commercial property clean than to have one of our window cleaners do the work for you. Penguin Window Cleaning provides all of Plymouth with quality window cleaning services, and our excellent reviews speak for themselves. We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

High-Quality & Affordable Commercial Window Cleaning in Plymouth

A clean window is an asset to any business, so our company offers complete window cleaning services in Plymouth, MN, and surrounding areas at an affordable price.

Penguin Window Cleaning employs a team of highly skilled industry professionals that have been trained to clean windows using top-of-the-line tools and techniques that go beyond traditional methods. We also use the latest products and pay attention to the smallest detail of your windows to ensure that we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will be in and out fast, staying clear of your customers, and out of your way. 

Our window cleaning services offer custom solutions and scheduling for your business based on your needs. We also pride ourselves on quality workmanship and exceptional service at a competitive price with a diverse team of professionals that can handle any size job!

The Best Plymouth Window Cleaning Service with Quality Work & Great Customer Service

At Penguin Window Cleaning, we possess the knowledge and experience, but we also employ trained and screened staff that is fully insured. Our window cleaners arrive with the proper equipment to help complete a thorough job fast to minimize interruptions. We ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers on every job.

Not only do we provide excellent service, but we also balance it with affordable prices.

We believe that the number one rule for being a great window cleaner is to treat our customers well and to provide them with quality service. With this in mind, we built our business around this simple but crucial golden rule.

Your home or business is your most prized possession, and keeping it in pristine condition is our number one priority. Our professional window cleaners in Plymouth are courteous, reliable, easy to work with, and always ready to listen to your concerns.

After you see the results, you’ll know why we are the most trusted window cleaning service in Plymouth and you’ll be happy you chose us!

Why Choose Penguin Window Cleaning?

While injuries and accidents rarely happen, a window cleaning company that is insured will ensure your assets are protected if something unforeseen happens.

Not only should your window cleaning company bring extensive experience to your job, so should each professional on the team. Penguin Window Cleaning ensures our employees are well trained and experienced. We invite you to view comments from our happy customers. 

Penguin Window Cleaning offers premier service at competitive rates. Contact us today for a free estimate for window cleaning residential homes. You’ll quickly see why we’re the best!


Having your windows professionally cleaned adds beauty, helps keep you safe, and provides an important layer of maintenance and care to your home. Most homeowners don’t have the proper equipment or skills needed. That brings the risk of injury or damage to do-it-yourself window cleaning projects.


Don’t risk it. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us tackle the chore you’ve put off for far too long. Penguin Window Cleaning offers quality residential and commercial window cleaning services and we can help you today! 

We'll Make Your Windows Shine in Plymouth!

Let Penguin Window Cleaning enhance your view at home or work with a professional window cleaning. Whether you live in a single story rambler or work in a multi level office building, Penguin Window Cleaning has a solution that’s right for you!

Residential Window Cleaning

We provide the best window cleaning service in the western suburbs of Minneapolis with excellent customer service that caters to your individual needs.

Residential Screen Cleaning

Your window screens are constantly pelted with severe weather conditions, wind, dust particles, and pollen. It’s important to add screen cleaning to your annual maintenance routine.

Residential Screen Repair

When a window screen is punctured or torn, it’s as if you’re welcoming pests inside your home.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Hiring professional commercial window washing services from Penguin Window Cleaning will bring superior results in just a few hours. Let us give your storefront or commercial building a clean facelift.

Gutter Cleaning

Our Twin Cities gutter cleaning experts will leave your house looking better than ever!