Window Screen Repair
in Rogers, MN

When a window screen is punctured or torn, it’s as if you’re welcoming pests inside your home. Bugs seem to find their way through even the tiniest tears. 

If you see visible damage or wear and tear on your screens, you’ll know it’s time to repair or replace them. Large holes, discoloration, and loose fabric are all reasons to call us for repair services. You may also notice subtle differences inside your home as signs that your screens are deteriorating. These include more dust or windows that are hard to open because of bent or misaligned screen frames. 

When you experience some or all of these issues, it’s time to call us to have your window screens fixed.  

Window Screen Repair and Replacement in Rogers, MN

If you’re wondering where to get a window screen repaired, you’ve come to the right place. Penguin Window Cleaning will repair your torn, frayed, or punctured screens so they look nice and provide the protection you expect. We’ll repair your window screen fast.

In our world where everything is high tech, a simple window screen is still the most effective way to keep out unwanted bugs and pests while enjoying a nice breeze of fresh air in your home.

Our harsh Minnesota weather can be hard on screens, however. The aluminum or fiberglass mesh wears out over time. It can fray or sag as it’s exposed to the elements. You’ll notice that the mesh fabric will become loose, discolor, or even tear. 

While it’s possible to perform do-it-yourself repairs, most homeowners who try their own window screen fixing aren’t happy with the outcome. They find it difficult to get the fabric pulled tight enough for a factory-finished look. 

We provide professional, on-site window screen repair in your local area. We serve Rogers and the western suburbs of Minneapolis. We will make the repairs you need at your home, or we will pick them up and drop them off for a fee.

I Need Window Screen Repair Near Me

Penguin Window Cleaning is at your service! 

We support our Rogers, MN community and the surrounding western suburbs of Minnesota with these services:

  • Window Screen Repair Service 
  • Quality Window Cleaning for Your Home
  • Professional Screen Cleaning
  • Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Window Screen Repair Made Easy

We make it easy to get the screen window repairs you need.

  1. Call us today for an estimate
  2. We’ll provide premier service at your home or office
  3. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your screens and windows are properly cared for

Screen Repair Service 

If you’re asking, “Where can I find window screen repair in my area,” we’re here for you! We take pride in our work and provide the best customer service paired with competitive pricing in Rogers. 

Why should you repair or replace your screens?

  1. Well-maintained screens look better. When screens are stretched, worn, or frayed it makes your whole home look run down. It also diminishes the views you enjoy from your home. 
  2. Old screens may begin to mold and mildew. 
  3. Torn screens allow pests. With professional repair, it’s easy to keep your home cleaner and bug-free.  

Hire the Best  

Penguin Window Cleaning is the premier window cleaning and screen repair provider in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.   

Imagine how great it will feel when your screens are professionally repaired. When you hire Penguin, you’ll know you’ve hired the best. Call us today and we’ll provide the high-quality service you deserve. 

Why Choose Penguin Window Screen Repair?

While injuries and accidents rarely happen, a window cleaning company that is insured will ensure your assets are protected if something unforeseen happens.

Not only should your window cleaning company bring extensive experience to your job, so should each professional on the team. Penguin Window Cleaning ensures our employees are well trained and experienced. We invite you to view comments from our happy customers. 

Penguin Window Cleaning offers premier service at competitive rates. Contact us today for a free estimate for window cleaning residential homes. You’ll quickly see why we’re the best!


Having your windows professionally cleaned adds beauty, helps keep you safe, and provides an important layer of maintenance and care to your home. Most homeowners don’t have the proper equipment or skills needed. That brings the risk of injury or damage to do-it-yourself window cleaning projects.


Don’t risk it. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us tackle the chore you’ve put off for far too long. Penguin Window Cleaning offers quality residential and commercial window cleaning services and we can help you today! 

We'll Make Your Window Screens Look New!

Let Penguin Window Cleaning enhance your view at home or work with a professional window cleaning. Whether you live in a single story rambler or work in a multi level office building, Penguin Window Cleaning has a solution that’s right for you!

Residential Window Cleaning

We provide the best window cleaning service in the western suburbs of Minneapolis with excellent customer service that caters to your individual needs.

Residential Screen Cleaning

Your window screens are constantly pelted with severe weather conditions, wind, dust particles, and pollen. It’s important to add screen cleaning to your annual maintenance routine.

Residential Screen Repair

When a window screen is punctured or torn, it’s as if you’re welcoming pests inside your home.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Hiring professional commercial window washing services from Penguin Window Cleaning will bring superior results in just a few hours. Let us give your storefront or commercial building a clean facelift.

Gutter Cleaning

Our Twin Cities gutter cleaning experts will leave your house looking better than ever!